What is it...?

The Night of Suspenses is an evolution in the social show. Blending the best in cutting edge theatre, live art, live music, performance, video, poetry and interactive installations Suspenses aims to restore the traditions of entertainment for everyone.. by everyone.

At a Suspenses event you never know quite what you might see... each one is unique and designed to take the audience on a magical mystery tour into a world of fantastical sights, sounds and some thought provoking performances from some of London's finest artists!

But Suspenses is much more than that! We believe that unique, interactive, spectacular and challenging events bring people together. And together people are strong.


Why is it...?

The Suspenses are a not-for-profit organisation set up to creatively use public spaces and provide opportunities for unknown and underprivileged performers, artists and entertainers in East London to showcase their talents.

In an increasingly fractured Society, it's getting harder and harder to find time and space for people to express themselves and explore what is important for ourselves and our future. Suspenses was formed because we believe it's important to preserve, utilise and create that time and space.

The more beautiful, wondrous and inspiring we can make it - the better!

Who is it...?

The Suspenses is made up of talented people from all disciplines bringing together ideas from around the world and through time to create and encourage strong communities of people who want to start making the world a brighter more exciting place starting right at their own doorstep.

We do this by making sure our events are as inclusive and accessible as possible and by giving the opportunity to talented local people to showcase their skills - either in planning, production or at an event.

We hope to inspire other people and organisations to do the same thing and creatively use the public spaces within their communities.

The Night of Suspenses would be pretty boring without all the spectacular dancers, musicians, artists and entertainers who contribute their time and their art to help and inspire communities. Suspenses would particularly like to thank certain organisations that have worked with us and provide valuable services themselves:

Honey's Dance Academy
Pineapple Dance Studios
Vertigo Studios:
The London College of Communication:
The Hackney Wicked Festival:

And many, many more... thank you to all.


Coming Soon...
Date - 2014
Location: Secret

The Angelic War:

GrooveAngels  vs   BeatDemons

Visit The Blog!

For the latest news and developments on any of our future events why not check out the Night of Suspenses Blog?

There you can keep up to date with latest news, details of upcoming events, enter competitions and get the hottest gossip!

The Blog has not been updated in a while... we will put the link up as soon as it is ready!


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