Welcome to The Suspenses

The Suspenses was a squat crew created to start a campaign to free buildings for the public.

From the start, at the 491 Gallery, the aim was to throw spectacular events for virtually nothing while showacasing some amazing talent using
empty old buildings. This soon turned into a politcal campaign once the Suspenses created OCCSTOCK at the occupy camp in St Paul's. From then the cause, 
and the crew, grew to taking over listed buildings and outing landlords.

From meeting Mike Weatherley and getting him to change his mind to turning up to parliament for roundtable meetings, The Suspenses took free space campaigning to a new level.

Eventually this activity brought the attention of councils and authorities and a deal was struck to offer the Suspenses a building to use.

Thus the Hive Dalston was born.

The Suspenses crew were proud to have been the original build and design team and went on to become the founders of ReSpace Projects - an innovative
new approach to space.

The Suspenses crew was:

Dread Paul
Marco Juno
Magic Matt
Andy S
Big G.

Plus many others over time...

Visit the Hive website - www.hivedalston.org.uk or ReSpace at www.respaceprojects.org for more information

Suspenses is about togetherness... the peoples right to influence and impact on their own communities. About finding and using empty, free and public spaces to learn, train, live, work and entertain. It's about making sure opportunities exist for all.

It's about rethinking our approach and reusing resources creatively, working together, to face the challenges that modern society presents us with.

Our work is split into two main areas: Urban Regeneration and Entertainments.

Put simply: We find and make spaces available for people of all backgrounds to work together to create beautiful and thought provoking events that can positively impact on their communities. Intelligent, common sense solutions.

So whether it's to come to an event, suggest an idea or get involved in creating the spaces - Suspenses is by everyone for everyone.

Please Select your area of interest: 

 Suspenses Events and Entertainments

Suspenses Property and Community 


A Suspenses party is not a normal event. Mixing together great performances, art, music, dancing and wonderful spaces the aim is to share, uncover and celebrate the hidden talents of London's secret cultures. And at the same time prove the importance of these spaces to the future wellbeing of society. 

Find us on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/groups/thesuspenses/

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