The last Raj... 


The Suspenses are happy to announce  Raj against the Machine 2 at Hysteria in Dalston this Halloween was a great show!

Packed full of high quality, specially selected entertainment, Raj and Raj2 blended spectacular performances, art installations and great music into a night of storytelling.

The hottest bands, fantastic feats of human skill,  art and installations, following the story, interacting with the characters and dancing till your feet drop off! There's never a shortage of things to see and do at a Suspenses event.

Follow the story of Raj and Sumi, the people of the Raj and their fight against the Machine, at a great venue and across three rooms!

Featuring: The Belly of The Machine, The Art of the Party, The Market.

A Suspenses night is about creating spectacular, inspiring and thought-provoking events that bring people together

and together people are strong.

The Story so far...

Set against a background steeped in Indian and Middle Eastern mythology and beautifully dressed, "Raj" followed the story of the poor Indian afterschool tutor called Sumi, and her love for the dashing and sophisticated Raj - who is also an officer in the British Army.

Beautifully told using original performances by Solo artists, performers, actors, dancers and poets the story unfolded across the evening as Raj and Sumi found each other and were then forced apart by the evil machine.

Drawing heavily upon the analogy with our own times, Raj was a social event that aimed to be entertaining, educational and inspiring - where the audience and the show become one.

By everyone. For everyone.

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