Height of Suspenses

21/3/14 Doors open 8pm 187 Kentish Town Road.

A fusion of art, fashion, music, performance and dancing!

“Manipulation, fueled with good intent, can be a blessing. But when used wickedly, it is the beginning of a magician's karmic calamity.” 
T.F. Hodge.

So, eloquently, says T.F. Hodge. Now whether or not you agree with him, it's common knowledge that we are all being manipulated, all the time, in a myriad of subtle ways. But how much of that manipulation helps us, strengthens us or inspires us.. and how much of it weakens us, isolates us, makes us less individual? "Height of Suspenses" is a unique event that intends to tackle these questions.. in a creative and inspiring way!

On the 21st March 2014, The "Height of Suspenses" show will draw together inspirational and thought provoking performances, live music, interactive art, projections, an independent fashion show and high theatricality to create an entertaining, interesting and spectacular event that is half fashion show, half variety performance and at least another half rocking party!

Now, we wouldn't be called Suspenses if we were in the habit of telling you exactly what is going to happen, but, suffice it to say that - as usual - the night will feature some combination of live bands, dj's, physical and spoken performances, theatre, fashion, visual arts and a healthy dose of magic, mystery and mayhem. We have a reputation for being memorable...!

Suspenses nights are no ordinary events, We use important and spectacular locations to create a platform for people to show off their talents and debate issues that affect communities. Drawing on the support, resources, efforts and talents of ordinary people to create extraordinary shows we strive to embody our motto... by everyone.. for everyone.

In conjunction with the great people at the Polytech Building (The old Pizza Express on Kentish Town Road) we came together to create a show that reflects the cultural importance of space and creativity to the future well being of society. 

The Show takes place on Friday 21st March @ The Old Pizza Express, Kentish Town Road NW1 8TP. Doors Open at 8pm with the show starting at 9pm. Spaces are really limited so it's a case of first come first served! After the show there will be DJ's and dancing and maybe even some debate!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Oh... and keep your eyes peeled for some of our planned promotional "activities"... !

Fashion specific information:

The fashion industry, with it's lack of copyright protection and importance of originality, is rightly looked upon as one of the worlds most creative industries, but hand in hand with that it is also accused of subtle, yet damaging manipulation of an individuals body image and is even being accused of compounding health issues through eating disorders and unhealthy dietary habits. Promoting unattainable ideals for the majority of human beings.

Yet at the same time fashion is a fundamental part of human identity and as such plays a huge cultural role in our development. How do we as a society resolve these issues? How do we remain fashionable, yet also individual?

Height of Suspenses will explore some of these issues through narrative, performance and music... and while not being presumptious enough to suggest all the answers... will hope to provoke some interesting solutions.

We have already involved some of the elements of the underground cultures that the fashion industry draws on for inspiration.

We would love to invite fashion industry excutives and commentators to come to the show to be part of that debate. Be part of the community.

Note to Editors:

Suspenses use disused public spaces to create shows designed to allow for freedom of expression.. giving artists, prduction and performers a platform on which to show off their skills and promote debate.

We believe in the power of the local community and use only recycled, resourced or donated materials and every participant does so voluntarily. Suspenses is non-profit making. Inspiring action.

Polytechnic are property guardians and are a group of multi-skilled individuals who are coordinating a series of direct actions targeting abandoned empty spaces and linking them up with a network of creative groups, establishing the collaboration which enables the achievement of community based social actions. 

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